Tuesday, 19 August 2014

laSexta 2012 Achievement

Achievement in the joining of lasexta, Antena 3, the best year of its history, the most astounding achievement rate among the debuts, the best world Fórmula 1 in four years, five arrangement figure among the ten most viewed, shareholder compensation of give or take 70% of net benefit, Atresmedia Publicidad leads the pack over the business, Atresmedia Digital going to achieve ten million, Atresmedia Cine, rakes in 20% of the entire spanish silver screen film industry takings.

Accomplishment IN THE INTEGRATION OF lasexta
 On 1 October, the merger occurred between Antena 3 and Lasexta, an effective process in which the previous lasexta shareholders take a starting stake of 7% in the new organization and an extra stake of up to 7%, staged in step by step and in capacity of agreeability amid the 2012-2016 period with an arrangement of destinations identified with the aftereffects of the new Group.with the fuse of the TV offering of Lasexta, ATRESMEDIA TELEVISIÓN adds to its extraordinary vicinity in different markets (radio, publicizing or film) a heading proposal in the TV business: altogether eight stations (Antena 3, Lasexta, Neox, Nova, Nitro, Xplora, Lasexta 3 Todo Cine and Gol TV, the recent under a lease course of action), which solidifies the Company as the heading correspondence bunc.

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